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Standardized tests loom over students in junior and senior year. Those who perform well on the SAT and ACT receive much more opportunities than those who score around average. No one knows this better than the founder of Kranse Institute, Dr. Shaan Patel.

After taking the SAT a second time and scoring a perfect 2400, his future drastically changed for the better. He was admitted to some of the most prestigious universities in America, and won over a quarter-million dollars in scholarships. Keeping up his studies in undergrad, he was accepted to a well-known medical program, and works as a dermatologist.

Though he scored well on the SAT, those who prefer the ACT can achieve similar results, and Dr. Patel teaches some simple strategies for mastering the test. The Kranse Institute ACT Prep Course is a great option for those looking to gain an edge on the competition.


1. Self-Study

Kranse Institute exclusively provides a self-directed online course, with an option to reach out to them if you are struggling with any particular section.

The self-study option is great for any self-driven student who needs to study on their own time. If you’re a morning person, you could study a little while before riding the bus or driving to school. If you’re a night owl, you can pull up a couple lectures after dinner or work. Kranse Institute gives you all the flexibility you could ask for to succeed, and it’s up to you to hold yourself to a study schedule.

2. Amount of Content

Kranse Institute offers 240 bite-sized videos in their ACT course, with each video spanning about 10 minutes. That adds up to about 40 hours of thoughtful instruction, and the bite-sized videos will help you better organize and retain the information you take in.

By making each video 10 minutes, Kranse Institute makes it incredibly easy for students to find time in their busy junior and senior years to study. These lectures were designed for students to be able to slip in during lunch, or while waiting for an after-school activity, or even while riding the bus.

shaan patel kranse institute ACT prep

Each video is structured like a short video lecture, in which Shaan Patel guides you through the various questions that you might encounter on the ACT. He devotes equal time to each section of the exam, including the optional writing section. Kranse Institute’s ACT course will rotate you through each section over and over. This is another technique that will naturally help you retain information better.

3. Strategy-Based Study

Rather than teaching various questions and hoping that you find something similar on the actual course, Kranse’s ACT course focuses on teaching students strategies they can use while taking the test. This strategy-based method teaches and encourages students to hone their critical thinking skills and apply the knowledge they’ve acquired – as opposed to simply reciting what they’ve been taught without fully understanding it.kranse institute ACT strategy-based study

Many of Dr. Patel’s strategies include using the test’s format against itself to find the answer. This can mean working math questions backward from the answer, or studying the questions before reading the passage in the reading section so that you can focus on what is being asked.

These little tricks better prepare students for the ACT and allow them to better apply what they’ve learned to the exam, rather than focusing on memorization.

4. Full ACT Test Walkthrough

Kranse Institute offers a full, printable ACT exam at the end of the course. However, while traditional prep courses tend to leave you with the exam and an answer key with some explanations, Shaan Patel will go through each question of the exam with you, showing how to use his strategies in a real test format.

This can be extremely helpful, as it allows you to see the breakdown of easy and hard question ratios, and Patel demonstrates how to approach each question while in a test setting.

5. Free Mobile App (iOS Only)

You can access your ACT course through Kranse Institute’s free mobile app as well. Sign in, and you’ll have access to any course you’re enrolled in. This is a great way to take your studies on the go, so you can study on the bus, or while sipping coffee at your local cafe. The short video format also makes them seem much more like a short YouTube video than a full-length hour-long lecture.

The app also has some competitions and opportunities to win $15 gift cards. Currently, only the iOS version is out, but they are working on releasing the Android version.

6. 18-Month Accessibility

One of the best things about this course is that you will have 18 months of access to the course. This is the longest access period of any provider, so if that’s your main criteria in looking for an ACT prep course, Kranse Institute is the answer for you. 18 months will provide you access to these course lectures for up to 11 different ACT registration periods, giving you plenty of time to study, while also giving you enough time to retake the test if you still aren’t satisfied with your score.

Many competitors like Kaplan only offer 6 months of course access. Magoosh offers 12 months of access, the second-highest of all the courses.

Check out my comparison of all the top ACT prep courses on the market and make sure you get the best one for you.

7. Score Improvement Guarantee

The average score improvement for Kranse Institute students is 4 points. For an exam with a maximum of 36 points, that’s a huge improvement. According to the website, “Many of our students see scores improve from 50th to 90th percentile after completing the course.”

kranse institute ACT score improvement guarantee

That being said, if your score did not improve after having used the Kranse Institute, you are entitled to a full refund. This stands so long as you’ve completed the course and have proof from a prior test that your score did not improve after enrolling in the prep course.

So, you can have a little more faith in the program, because if it doesn’t work out for you and your scores don’t improve, you won’t have to eat your loss.

8. Money-Back Guarantee

If you find out immediately that the style of teaching that Kranse Institute offers isn’t for you, you can take advantage of their money-back guarantee. At any time during your first 7 days of enrollment, you can email with your order info and receive a full refund, no questions asked. During that time, you can study as much or as little of the course as you’d like. This allows students and parents alike a full week to peruse the course materials without worrying about the financial commitment.

9. Free E-Book

The course also comes with a supplementary e-book on standardized tests, scholarships, and college applications. Aimed at parents, this book seeks to help guide your child through this pivotal period of their life, including teaching them about the value of self-control and focus.

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1. Price

At $599, Kranse Institute proves to be one of the pricier ACT prep options. If cost is your main determinant, I’d check out Magoosh’s ACT course. Otherwise, Kranse Institute is competitive with other top options like The Princeton Review and Testive.

2. No Captions or Transcripts

Unfortunately, Kranse Institute’s ACT Prep Course is not very accessible to the deaf and/or hard-of-hearing. Although its entire course is video-based, it provides no captions or transcripts, requiring you to listen to the audio.

This also limits how transportable the course is. When studying in public, you have to wear headphones in order to listen to the lecture.

3. No Free Trial

While there is a 7-day money back guarantee, there isn’t an option for a free trial. That can be a big deterrent for those who just want to poke around without paying for the course first.

However, as previously stated, there are both money-back and score improvement guarantees, and Kranse Institute allows for monthly payment plans if the upfront cost is too much.


This ACT prep course is good for any busy student who wants to dive into the patterns and strategies behind the exam itself without needing to set aside large chunks of time to do so.

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